Sunday, January 28, 2018


New Year means new beginnings. It once again signals the start of the journey to improving oneself. For most people, the best way to becoming a better version of oneself begins with achieving physical fitness.

However, staying fit has never been easy. Enrolling in a gym is one thing, but working out regularly takes discipline, dedication, and commitment. Since majority of gyms close before midnight, many people struggle squeezing in “gym time” into their busy work schedule.

Gym time at the Araneta Center: 24/7

Araneta Center has good news for those who want to achieve their fitness goals this 2018! With fitness hubs operating 24/7 the Araneta Center, one can now work out anytime of the day (or night)!

Here are fitness hubs worth trying out at Araneta Center’s Cyberpark 1:

Box your way to fitness

Boxing and Muay Thai might sound intimidating, but the coaches in Peñalosa Boxing Gym make first timers feel confident even during their first trial.

Peñalosa Boxing Gym is the perfect place for those who want to lose weight and tone muscles. An hour and a half per session will surely make you burn all those fats you accumulated during the Christmas break!

They may not have a lot of equipment here, but they will make sure you move all your muscles when you box and do circuit training with them. Every session at the Penalosa Boxing Gym is worth the money you’ll spend per session!

Peñalosa Boxing Gym in Araneta Center is open 24/7 to allow those who work at the wee hours to train with them. There’s really no excuse now keeping those fats you’ve gained last Christmas! 

Work out anytime

True to its name, Anytime Fitness allows its clients to work out at any given time of the day (or even night).  

An assessment is conducted by a licensed trainer at the beginning of one’s journey with Anytime Fitness. During this process, the trainer helps clients understand their bodies and what must be done to reach their fitness goals.

To help clients achieve their fitness goals, one can hire personal trainers here. While it is highly recommended to hire a personal trainer who will design a specific program for one’s needs, getting a trainer is not mandatory in Anytime Fitness. Members without personal trainers are still given access to all equipment and classes available here.

Going to the gym can be awkward and scary for some. Joining group classes can help lessen one’s fear of going to the gym alone, said Marie Fernandez, club manager of Anytime Fitness-Araneta Center. Joining group classes is also a great way to meet new friends, added Fernandez.

Anytime Fitness- Araneta Center offers various group classes from 7 AM to 9 PM daily. Classes include kick fit, metcon, HIIT, Muay Thai, hip hop, circuit training, retro, street dance, boot camp, dance mix, yoga, groove, zumba, sculpt & tone, and dance fusion.

No excuses

With these fitness hubs offering their services 24/7 at the Araneta Center, achieving one’s fitness goals this 2018 has been made easier and more attainable. No more excuses! #

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